Tennessee State University
eRate Verification Form

INSTRUCTIONS: The eRate is a tuition rate available to students who are classified as both
Non-Residents of Tennessee and are enrolled exclusively in online courses.

To be eligible for the eRate the following steps must already be completed:
I have applied for admission and been accepted to Tennessee State University (TSU).


  • The eRate is available to students who are classified as non-residents of Tennessee and enrolled exclusively in online courses.
  • To qualify for the eRate, a student must, (a) be fully admitted and (b) be verified as an online out-of-state student by the TSU Office of Distance Education.
  • If a student enrolls in any course that is not classified as online, they will not be eligible for the eRate, but instead will incur traditional non-resident fees and charges for all courses.
  • If at any point a student makes a schedule adjustment and enrolls in any course not classified as online (Section 98 or R50), the student will no longer be eligible for the eRate.  Fees will be adjusted immediately and if the student is in receipt of a refund, the student is responsible to paying back the difference.

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If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Bryan Thorpe, Student Support Services at: 615-963-7214 / bthorpe@tnstate.edu