Please assist us in assessing our Embedded Librarian services to you by completing this survey. Your opinion is important to us.

All questions must be answered for a valid survey

(1) Did you communicate with the Embedded Librarian via
1. E-mail 2.Telephone 3.In person 4. All of the above 5. Did not communicate
(2) Did you receive satisfactory assistance? 
1. Always   2.Sometimes   3.Never
(3)  As a whole, did you benefit from having a librarian in your course(s)?
1. Yes   2.No
(4) If you answered NO to the question #3, why not?
1. I did not need to do research for this class
2. I already had the library research skills
3. I could have used some help, but I did not ask for it
4. I asked for help but did not receive adequate answers
(5) Would you recommend having a librarian in future online, hybrid and on ground courses?
1. Yes  2. No
(6) 1.       Are you an RODP student?
1. Yes  2. No
(7) Are you
1. Freshman 2.Sophomore   3.Junior   4. Senior   5. Graduate Student  6. Faculty
(9) Please write your comments/suggestions to improve and make your library to serve you better.



When you have completed the survey, type the word blue into the box above and then click the submit button. Thank you!

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