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stepsTennessee State University is moving forward with its commitment to sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint on our environment. The responsible management of emissions and waste are requirements to sustain and restore our natural resources and the communities in which we serve. TSU is striving to make sustainability a priority in new projects and campus planning efforts. Currently, Facilities Management has implemented various green initiatives around campus and within its department. Examples of these initiatives are as follows:

Facilities Management's-Campus Sustainability Initiatives:

· Campus-wide thermostat setback policy:
Facilities Management, in cooperation with Deans and appropriate Vice Presidents, established temperature schedules for University Facilities.Current building temperature set points throughout university are 68º heating during and 78º cooling. This setback has significantly reduced the university's energy consumption.

· Demand Response Agreement with EnerNoc/TVA: A risk-free program that pays commercial and industrial customers for reducing electricity consumption during times of high system demand, high energy prices, or for emergency purposes through targeted curtailment. TSU's participation helps the local community while delivering utility savings to the university.

· Use of green cleaning chemicals: Janitorial services are provided to the univsersity by ARAMARK. In this partnership, TSU and ARAMARK are working together to ensure that environmentally friendly janitorial products are used throughtout campus. ARAMARK is currently using natural cleaning products which improves the indoor air quality, eliminates the amount of chemicals on work surfaces and in the air. Using natural products for cleaning makes for a healthy environment.

· Recycling program: TSU is currently recycling loose paper and cardboard. The university is working towards reestablishing a recycling program for the campus and local community. The program will feature a recycling center where participants can drop off aluminum, paper, and plastic items. Recycling bins will be located throughout campus so that everyone will be able to participate.

· TBR/THEC Vehicle fuel reduction plan: In an effort to attain the goal of at least a twenty percent (20%) reduction/displacement of current petroleum products, the university has put plans and procedures in place designed to help us become better stewards of our environment. TSU plans to purchase vehicles that are fuel efficient/low emissions, replacing highway vechicles with hybrid brands, better coordination of scheduling pickups and combining errands into single trips, ensuring that proper maintenance is done on all vechiles, and implementing conversion of compressed natural gas and /or other alternative fuels our buses to name a few.