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        Located on the south campus behind the ALGER V. BOSWELL CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS/MATH BUILDING, the ANDREW P. TORRENCE ENGINEERING BUILDING was erected in 1982 and had its official opening April 29, 1984. The laboratories were equipped with the most up-to-date equipment available for instruction and research in civil, mechanical, architectural and electrical engineering.

19 - 1980

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        Dr. Andrew P. Torrence, a 1948 graduate and recipient of the 1962 Alumni Citation from Tennessee State University, was appointed the third president of TSU on August 9, 1968. He assumed his duties in November 1968. During his tenure as TSU's third president, there was considerable growth at the University in the academic and student personnel programs; in administration; in institutional autonomy; in financial support -- both public and private; in physical improvement; and in additional services to people external to the University across the state. As president, Dr. Torrence was involved in the Landmark Desegregation suit to dismantle Tennessee's dual system of higher education that was filed in 1968. The suit resulted in the 1979 court ordered merger of the University of Tennessee-Nashville into Tennessee State University. Dr. Torrence resigned as president of the institution in 1974.