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Course Objectives
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Note 1 Systematics & Taxonomy Lab Note 1 Collecting plants
Note 2 Plant Diversity I Divisions

Lab Note 2 Preserving specimens

Note 3 Plant Diversity II Families

Lab Note 3 Mounting specimens

Note 4 Plant Morphology

Lab Note 4 Identifying plants

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Links to Useful Websites
Systematic Sites: Taxonomic Sites:
Tree of Life
USDA Plant Database

Plant Identification and Description Sites:
USDA classification of a known plant
Texas Ag Extension's Wildflowers
Iowa State Ag Ext. Trees Key
Oregon State's Weed Id Page
Lots of Tree resources

Va. Tech's Weed Key

Virginia Tech's Tree Leaf & Twig key
Illinois Council on Food and Ag. Research Weed Key
Ohio State's Tree Id site
Caroline Dean's Alabama Wildflowers
Alabama Trees and Tree Descriptions
Eric Haines' Wildflower Key
Wildflowers - good descriptions
 J. Hapeman's Wisconsin Orchids
Kansas Wildflowers & Grasses
Prairie Grasses and Prairie Forbs (non-woody broadleaf plants)
Virginia Tech's Grasses
Images of Trees and Wildflowers
List of Keys on the WWWeb
Wildflowers of Eastern North America
UTenn site - good for confirmation
Lots of Plant ID Keys (scroll down!)
Plants - confirmation site, no key
Noninvasive Plants in Southern Forests
Wisconsin trees & shrubs
North Carolina wildflowers
Tennessee wildflowers
USDA keys (not all
Wetlands Monocots (and other plats! ) on-line key
Florida native plant key
key to GA and NC native and naturalized plants Good descriptions of Minnesota woodland plants
Lots of Tree ID Resources thanks to students at the Goodwin Comm. Center
If you are confused about using keys try this site or this site or this site

If you try a link that doesn't work, please email me and tell me which one doesn't work.

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